November 2017

On Monday we took Highway 27 up over the mountains and down to the Atlantic side.  It was a FUN drive.  Essentially all up and up and up and up, and then down the other side in never-ending hairpin turns.  A very narrow, 2-lane, seemingly only partially maintained the main highway.  It was like driving […]

Panama Vacation

We are visiting Panama and what a beautiful and interesting country this is! We are creating this Blog to keep you informed about our fantastic vacation with lots of pictures and stories. Please, check back for more information!  

“Getting away from Panama City is a welcome change.  We came to the city of David on Thursday and will have a hotel here for six days.  David is much less congested. Yesterday was our first day of exploring by car and what a tremendous experience that was and promises to be again and again over the […]

I saw this item: “Biomuseum, Amador Causeway. Every year billions of birds make a long and impressive journey between the nesting place and the place where they spend the winter. Of the 1002 bird species reported in Panama, 177 are migratory. Discover their stories in the new exhibition. For rate information, visit the following link: “ […]

Panama City

We arrived in Panama 11/13/17 and stayed the first two nights in a hotel at the airport, then moved to our high rise apartment in Panama City. The weather has been beautiful, though when we came in from our airport hotel Friday night in a downpour that matched anything I have ever seen in Texas.  It […]