On Monday we took Highway 27 up over the mountains and down to the Atlantic side.  It was a FUN drive.  Essentially all up and up and up and up, and then down the other side in never-ending hairpin turns.  A very narrow, 2-lane, seemingly only partially maintained the main highway.  It was like driving in the Grand Prix.

Incredible views. While most of what we see of the Panamanians are relatively affluent here on the Pacific side, that was not the case for where we visited on the Atlantic side.   Housing enclosures could hardly be called houses, some seemingly nothing more than elevated sleeping platforms with thatch roofs and satellite antennas.

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I guess we expected to see jungles but that has not been the case.  Britt is helping me set up a Blog, where I can direct you to, to see my pictures that I would like to share.  Aside from the incredibly lush vegetation and beautiful flowering plants, we haven’t seen any bugs or mosquitoes.  Surprisingly, we don’t see many birds either.  I thought this was going to be where the hummingbirds migrated too, but haven’t seen any.

Yesterday was a complete bust, however. November 28 celebrates Panama’s independence from Spain.  We were told that every Tuesdays is when ExPats get together in Boquete and that yesterday would be special.  We were told to get there early, or we wouldn’t get access parking (Sidewalks are almost a joke as far as Sue’s scooter access is concerned). We got there at 7:00 and the parade started at 9:00-ish.  What we didn’t know was the parade started on one street, traveled several blocks then looped back two street over and came back the other way.  The parade consisted of never-ending (literally) bands and drill teams.   There were few instruments but at least half of each team was made up of drummers, and all having the same beat, so it was as if the drum beat never stopped, it just went up and down (mostly up) as each team moved along.  By 11:00, we had seen enough.  We got back to the car and found we were trapped between the two parade streets.  We stayed trapped ALL day and, in fact, until 11:30 last night when the last drill team finally past on the one side. Incredible! The drill teams never stopped coming. One study stream for almost 14 hours.  There were hundreds of them, all different, but all the same.  We got back to our hotel at just before 1:00 am and totally wasted.

You can tell from the length of this post that I don’t have enough to do.  I hope I am not boring you.

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