Our Winter Home in El Mirage, AZ December 30, 2018: We are now settled into our winter home here in El Mirage AZ. Time has flown by. We find it hard to believe we have been here three months now, and only have three months left before we return to the Northwest. We have a […]

We are Finally in Arizona! The first day that it was getting ready to rain, it dropped from 109° to 85°. Then the rains came and the next day it was pretty nice although scattered showers. Then this morning it rained like crazy. It’s afternoon the sun came out and the humidity —- my God […]

Sunset Bocas Del Mar

Bocas Del Toro We are currently at Bocas Del Toro, on the Carribean side of Panama.   I’m checking off two Bucket List items: Renting an ATV for a challenging jungle trail off the beaten path and then snorkeling. We are killing time until our niece and her husband arrive on the 3rd of March, so I […]


Medellin, Colombia For the next episode in the Bucket Lists adventure, we had to leave Panama within the first 90-days to meet their non-resident driver’s license renewal condition. So, we needed to go somewhere for at least three days, and this next is a documentation of another fun experience. We are in Medellin (Med-eh-yeen), Columbia […]


Albe Verde Guest House So far Panama has been one pleasant surprise after another.   Since arriving in David (Dov-eed), which is on the Pacific Coast and West end of Panama, we have been staying in hotels.   Our first extended stay here is a Guest House, the Albe Verde Guest House, that I was able to find […]

It’s time to update our little adventure.  Aside from a couple of misadventures, all is beautiful.  We have signed up for a number of “Homeaway” progressions to carry us through December.  Most of the houses or condos were available for a few days here and there, so it’s been a patchwork.  However, we hit a […]

On Monday we took Highway 27 up over the mountains and down to the Atlantic side.  It was a FUN drive.  Essentially all up and up and up and up, and then down the other side in never-ending hairpin turns.  A very narrow, 2-lane, seemingly only partially maintained the main highway.  It was like driving […]

Panama Vacation

We are visiting Panama and what a beautiful and interesting country this is! We are creating this Blog to keep you informed about our fantastic vacation with lots of pictures and stories. Please, check back for more information!  

“Getting away from Panama City is a welcome change.  We came to the city of David on Thursday and will have a hotel here for six days.  David is much less congested. Yesterday was our first day of exploring by car and what a tremendous experience that was and promises to be again and again over the […]

I saw this item: “Biomuseum, Amador Causeway. Every year billions of birds make a long and impressive journey between the nesting place and the place where they spend the winter. Of the 1002 bird species reported in Panama, 177 are migratory. Discover their stories in the new exhibition. For rate information, visit the following link: “ […]