Biomuseum and more

I saw this item: “Biomuseum, Amador Causeway. Every year billions of birds make a long and impressive journey between the nesting place and the place where they spend the winter. Of the 1002 bird species reported in Panama, 177 are migratory. Discover their stories in the new exhibition. For rate information, visit the following link: “

 Apparently the hummingbirds at your feeders may be here now. We are going to go to the Biomuseum today to find out.
We by chance found an English speaking cab driver on Sunday.  We called him yesterday and spent a two hour tour.  It was quite incredible.  So far Panama city has far exceeded our expectations.
We will go to the BioMuseum today on our own, then on Thursday with this cabby touring the canal and other things.  Some things here are cheap, some quite expensive.   We are hiring the cab and $12 an hour which seems pretty reasonable.

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