Boquete Guest House OMG

Albe Verde Guest House

So far Panama has been one pleasant surprise after another.   Since arriving in David (Dov-eed), which is on the Pacific Coast and West end of Panama, we have been staying in hotels.   Our first extended stay here is a Guest House, the Albe Verde Guest House, that I was able to find available for 5-day open spot we had, and it looked really good in the ad, but Oh My, in reality its incredible.  It’s in the Boquete area and in a remote location high up on the side of the 11,000-ft. volcano “Volcan Baru.”  The roads getting here were treacherous and REALLY steep — straight up, few curves.   Once arriving, we couldn’t believe it.  We have never seen a house buried in so many varieties of flowering plants, along with a view of the lush vegetation covered ridges that stretch up the side of the volcano.

This guest house, is owned by a charming lady Expat from Texas.  She’s been here for fourteen years and has built here home into something extraordinary, and she loves to share it with others through renting out this guest house.  The guest house is on a ridge top.  As you will see in one of the pictures there is a little trail running some 50 feet or so to a viewing platform overlooking a steep canyon and across to lush coffee plantations running up the side of the volcano.

Not only are the flowing plants beautiful, there is seemingly endless varieties.  Each time we walk out we see new one not noticed before. And then there are the smells. The lush smells are awsome.




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  1. Looks like a very exiting and beautiful place, we sure hope you are having a great time and that everything will work out smoothly from now on!!!

    Britt & Ake


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