David and Boquete

“Getting away from Panama City is a welcome change.  We came to the city of David on Thursday and will have a hotel here for six days.  David is much less congested. Yesterday was our first day of exploring by car and what a tremendous experience that was and promises to be again and again over the coming days as we get a feel for the area.   First, we drove to Boquete “Boh Quet taa” and immediately fell in love with everything.  Boquete is in a high mountain valley.  The town itself is not the main thing, but the area is awesome.  The steeps and valleys are truly far beyond our expectations. Steep, narrow, extremely windy roads, but all paved.  We just drove and drove (up, up, up). The houses and lush vegetation were something to behold.  Beautiful flowering plants of seemingly unending variety.

The elevation In Boquete is 3,700.  The drive getting there too was interesting. It’s a rather a straight shot from David, but a continual steady climb for 25 miles with interesting things to see and observe the whole way.  After passing through Boquete, we just took side roads wherever we found them.   The greenery, the streams, and the views were nothing short of amazing the entire day.  Some roads so steep and narrow, I wasn’t sure the SUV was going to make it.  We must have been well up over 7,000 feet in some areas.  Nice houses along the whole way and in seemingly remote areas — fascinating!  And the smells of all the flowering plants too was awesome.  Many areas of the steep mountains terrain were continuous plantings of coffee plants.

We came upon a couple of charming hotels and made reservations for two days each starting on the 30th.  We plan to spend the next two weeks exploring, including going across to the Atlantic side.  When we think we have a good feel for the areas, then we will find a place to stay more permenantly, probably through the end of March at least.

While having lunch at one of the hotels, they told us of a festival that would be held last night that was a “must see” with traditional dancing. We went back to David and got a couple of hours nap time and returned for the 7:00 pm start time.  Different ball game at night though.  I took a wrong road, but finally recovered and got there in time to see at least part of it.

An interesting episode occurred. I had to walk Sue a couple of hundred feet, and then up a few steps onto a platform.  She experienced one of her overheating episodes.  A lady saw that Sue was distressed and had her set in her chair, and then helped me get water to cool her down.   From nowhere a 3-person emergency medical team showed up.  They checked her all over, but by getting here cooled down she recovered OK.  I was amazed a how helpful everyone was.  All day long, we found everyone we met to be very friendly and helpful in every way.   Nice experiences all.

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