Our Winter Home in Arizona

Our Winter Home in El Mirage, AZ

December 30, 2018: We are now settled into our winter home here in El Mirage AZ.

Time has flown by. We find it hard to believe we have been here three months now, and only have three months left before we return to the Northwest.

We have a comfortable 3-bedroom home with a full entertainment patio that we are able to enjoy with new friends and neighbors.

This is all about making Sue a comfortable and as enjoyable as possible in the time we have left. Sue’s dementia is a liability, but we are coping with it effectively. Life is good, and we are striving to enjoy every minute of it.

We are having several long-time friends that come and stay with us and we enjoy that immensely. Then too, life here in this park is all about comradery. Everyone here is like us. They are here to enjoy their twilight years making new friends and having active lifestyles.

Street signs that say “Caution Adults at Play” really say it all. It’s all about making new friends, cultivating lasting relationships, and staying as healthy as possible.

Happy New Year to all Family and Friends!!!

Mel and Sue

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